8 Best rabbit alternatives Or Similar websites

Rabb.it was a well-known and popular video streaming website that allows users to watch the same media content with friends. In the last year, rabb.it closes down its operations and sells all its assets to Kast. Users often search for Rabb.it alternative for enjoying the same video content with friends. This article contains the top 8 rabb.it alternatives or the sites just like Rabb.it.

8 best alternatives to Rabb.it

Netflix Party:

Netflix Party is the Google Chrome browser extension that allows users to watch Netflix videos with your friends. Users need to add this browser extension to their web browser and log in with their Netflix account. After the login, the user can share a video or invite friends to watch the video. 

Netflix Party is in the form of a browser extension so, users don’t need to install a heavy application to watch videos on Netflix’s party. It supports chat and group chat features while watching Netflix videos.

Users can also synchronize video playback together with friends. Users can watch all the Netflix videos on the Netflix party, it doesn’t support any other streaming channels.


Meta stream is a top video streaming website like rabb.it. Users can watch all the new movies and TV serials with friends and family even if, they are physically away from each other. It uses advanced technology to provide an enhanced video streaming experience to users with minimum loading time.

Users can stream videos from several channels like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, prime video, and amazon prime video on the Metastream. Users can browse their favorite videos and add them to the queue URL.

The key features of the Metastream are video queuing, on-screen chatting, fast user management. Metastream does not support audio support, webcam and streaming media download features.


Watchtogether is another video streaming channel that allows users to watch and synchronize the video content with friends without delay. Users can sign in on Watchtogether and create their chat room without any charges.

After creating a chat room, users can invite others to join a chat or synchronize a video. Users can also watch videos on Watchtogether without registering on Watchtogether.

Watchtogether supports videos from multiple entertainment platforms including Amazon, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. Users are unable to sign in to third-party accounts (Netflix, Hulu) on Watch together. Apart from video streaming, it allows users to browse and purchase various Amazon items.


Airtime is an excellent option if you are searching for a rabb.it substitutes on a Smartphone. Users can watch videos together, listen to music, and create a chat room on Airtime. Up to 10 users can stream the same video in a single room on the airtime application.

Airtime is having the features of audio comment and media playback in the same way as rabb.it. Users can send pictures, short videos, and messages as a comment while watching videos on Airtime.


Rave is a famous mobile application which can be used as rabb.it alternatives on smartphones and ios devices. Users can play the content from platforms like Google drive, dropbox, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Netflix on the Rave. The sync and playback features are excellent on Rave with low latency.

Users can also share videos and music with loved ones with a voice chat feature. It works on all android, tablets, iPhone, and ios devices.


Twoseven is the top video streaming and sharing platform which can be the best rabb.it alternative. Twoseven allows users to share the video and chat with friends while watching videos. Users can stream videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime videos on the Twoseven. Twoseven is also available in the form of a chrome extension.

Twoseven is having features like webcam live reaction, unlimited video streaming, chat room, and a real-time great watching experience with no loading time. Twoseven doesn’t support the audio comment functions like rabb.it

you can also find other ways to watch movies online in an easy way.


SyncLounge is a good option if you are a regular plex user. Similar to rabb.it, it is co watching plex platform that allows users to chat with friends in their private chat room. It offers superior sync playback quality to users, as it uses its separate server for data transfer to multiple users. It provides a great experience in streaming videos social and interactive manner with followers


SyncPlay is yet another alternative for rabb.it which supports co-watching video functions. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Users can download the SyncPlay media content and watch it offline on VLC, MPC and MPV players.

SyncPlay is not having the chat and voice message functions like rabb.it.  Users are unable to use SyncPlay on smartphones but, it is can play all video formats and free to use. 

The top 8 sites just are Rabb.it is given here. Users can also search for sites like invited, share tube, Kosmi, simulchat, tutturu sites for streaming the video content with friends and family.