Why Printer Won’t Turn On And How to fix it?

If your printer is having some issues and you see no power light on the printer when your printer won’t turn on there are some troubleshooting steps you can try before you bring it to a printer repair center: Please read this post till last to find the exact reason and solution-

Why Printer Won’t Turn On

Mostly it’s a hardware problem and some of the basic methods will help you get rid of this trouble. reasons for the printer not turning on are-

  • The power cable is loose or faulty
  • the power source is not compatible with the printer.
  • Hardware problems in printer known as hardware failure in the motherboard
  • the printer has gone into deep sleep mode due to inactivity.

Basic Checkup

  1. Try to change the wall outlet to which your printer power cable is connected. You need to connect your printer to a different wall outlet.
  2. Test the wall outlet with a different electrical device to check if there is any problem with the wall outlet.
  3. Do not plug your printer into a surge protector, always connect it directly to the wall outlet.
  4. In most cases, the defective power chord is uncommon but sometimes, the possible cause of the issue is that your printer is not turning on. Replace the power cable and try to turn the printer on.
  5. Remove the power cable and let the printer sit idle for about an hour and then plug the power cable back into the printer.

Use Power Key to Reset

  • Press and hold the power button for 2 minutes.
power key to reset printer
  • Look at the power button, sometimes it can be damaged if your printer is 3-4 years old.
  • Open the cartridge access door and take a link inside the printer to check if there is any ink leaked from the cartridge. The ink leaked can cause short circuits in the printer.
check ink cartridge
  • Now, connect the printer to a USB port of the computer and if the computer does not detect the printer connected in the “printers and devices”, it implies that power is not reaching the printer circuitry.
  • Maybe the power supply of the printer is faulty. If it always took you longer to turn on the printer each and every time, there is a possibility that the power supply has been damaged, it is like a capacitor in the printer.

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Check Print head & Cartridge

  • Remove the print head and take a look at the print head. If there is any cartridge that has become dry and you still continue to print documents and perform cleaning cycles on the printer, this can overheat the printer and cause the nozzles of the printer to get burnt out.
  • Pull out the print head and unplug the power for about an hour.
check printheads
  • Without installing the print head back in, turn the printer back on.
  • If the printer is working, the problem is with the print head.
  • Sometimes, there are chances that the fault can be deep inside the motherboard.
  • If you change the print head with the new one, a faulty motherboard can cause the new print head to burn out immediately.
  • You can remove the power supply from the printer if you have good hands-on experience with printers. You can look for any possible burns on the board and damaged components.
  • Look at the cable connectors to check if they are seated properly.
  • Disconnect the cables from the connectors and connect them back.

Now, try to turn the printer on and if it still does not work, you may need to buy a new printer or replace the printer if it is under warranty. Printers are not designed for longevity and Getting the printer repaired from the printer repair center can cost even more than buying a new printer.

if the printer is working again then the printer must be offline and you would require to require it to reconfigure the settings from start.

we hope all of these methods help you in regard to the printer won’t turn on problems still if you have any queries related to a printer please comment below and let us know.