Rebel Wilson Exact Method for Shedding More Than 77 Pounds

Rebel Wilson, 41, started her “year of health” in 2020, and it appears that she hasn’t slowed down in the slightest. The actress and producer shed 77 pounds over the past two years and has been transparent about her diet, struggle with infertility, and efforts to maintain a healthy body image. She even related some humorous stories (like this hilarious workout video using vodka bottles). You might be surprised to learn that Rebel Wilson preferred form of exercise was really cost-free if you’re wondering how she managed to sustain her big weight loss. Wilson claims that in order to become healthier, she frequently walked.

Wilson leads listeners on a 32-minute stroll across Griffith Park in Los Angeles in the season three premiere of Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk for Apple Watch. She discusses her weight loss journey in the episode. She tells that (Rebel Wilson Weight Loss) her motive was just to be healthy and reduce her body fat which I really needed and I wanted too. I was aware in my heart that I wasn’t my healthiest self.”

Wilson went to an Austrian healing retreat in 2020. (possibly as a component of her Mayr approach diet regimen). She claims, “Rebel, the greatest technique for you to shed extra body fat is merely to simply walk,” said an Austrian doctor. It only needs to be mild walking for an hour a day; it doesn’t need to be vigorous or hilly. And if you can achieve that for yourself and your body type, it’s really the best method to get rid of excess body fat.”

She chose to follow the doctor’s advice rather than complicate her exercise program. She claims, “I used to train at the gym like a hardcore, doing weights and things where you just feel completely weary afterward, even when I was at my heaviest, even though I didn’t actually need to be doing it.” She made the decision to practice some self-compassion and try moving her body more gently.

“I simply concluded that I should be a little gentler on myself and proceed with caution. I did, however, lose weight very, very gradually in 2020. I occasionally intensified my workouts and pushed myself. However, the majority of the work for the year consisted of simple tasks like hour-long walks, “she claims.

Even though following this advice might not result in this kind of weight loss for everyone, it is a fantastic and doable objective if you wish to increase your daily movement and enhance your health. Numerous health benefits of walking include increased longevity, less chance of dementia, and improved heart health. Additionally, if losing weight is your aim, it can help and is completely free. You can also do it anywhere.

According to Wilson, “Your body will respond to that” when you do something as easy as going outside and walking for an hour each day. Without a doubt, we concur.

Rebel Wilson Before and After

Rebel Wilson before and after

Rebel Wilson did these 7 things to maintain her 77-pound weight loss and get healthy.


1. Accept imperfections.

Wilson hasn’t followed any rigid diet plans or exercised “like a beast.” Instead, she wants to “address health from all angles” and says she will be kind to herself if she skips a day or eats something that isn’t in line with her Mayr Method diet plan.

2. Realize your true self.

Wilson penned a letter to herself at the beginning of 2020 to help her feel more committed to taking care of her health.

3. Clearly state your “why.”

Wilson’s “why” was to become healthy so she may possibly have children later. (Wilson’s polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis came in her 20s.) Additionally, it was to overcome her emotional eating and feel better about herself while doing so.

Exipure before and after

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4. Find the exercise that you enjoy most.

She walks a lot, which is how she gets most of her exercise. Wilson states in the Live, “That is free and it’s safe.” She will put on a podcast or a book and wander the streets of whichever town she is in. Wilson strives to workout for 60 minutes on six out of seven days a week (walking or working with one of her personal trainers). Every week, there is a relaxation day. Wilson also demonstrated how she uses a vodka bottle as an on-the-go arm workout on Instagram.

Wilson tells Women’s Health that now that she has reached her target weight, she is sticking to just walking and taking care of her muscles in between walks by soaking in her bath with Epsom salt or bath oil.

5. Set the nutrition dial.

Wilson stated, “I should have known this, but I didn’t really know until this year, that you can’t out-train a lousy diet. When she was younger, she would frequently eat fast food, or she would believe that one strenuous workout gave her permission to consume 3,000 or 4,000 calories that day. Her objective was to limit her daily caloric intake to 1,500 calories or less during the “Year of Health,” but now that she’s in maintenance mode, Wilson has increased it to 2,000 to 2,500. Wilson found that a high-protein diet makes her feel the best after some testing. Even though she doesn’t always “eat clean,” she focuses on how her body feels after each meal and tries to eat everything mindfully.

Wilson tells Women’s Health that in order to make her meals more “maintainable,” because she’s not attempting to lose any more LBs, she’s adding additional snacks, as well as the occasional serving of ice cream and chocolate. She is also adding healthier components to her favorite dinners. For example, she adds avocado and shredded carrots to her tacos.

She tells Women’s Health, “The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to deal with my emotional eating, learning to process my feelings and deal with them better.” That’s what has actually improved my life, she said.

6. Respect yourself.

She admits on Live that she “is a really confident, skilled, accomplished person, yet I still suffer with having poor self-worth and simply not accepting myself.” Wilson claimed that editing emotional writing was incredibly useful. To ensure that her feelings are not suppressed, she sets a 12-minute timer, writes down all of her feelings, and concludes by listing one to five things she is grateful for that day.

She has come to the conclusion that the scale’s reading has nothing to do with it during those reflections. Wilson informs BBC, “I’m pleased that the point that it wasn’t just about losing weight but about becoming healthier, in general, has been understood. That’s what I’m trying to inspire in other people; that ought to be the aim, not to conform to whatever society’s idea of beauty is for that particular year.” (Rebel Wilson Weight Loss)

7. Attempt meditation.

Wilson states in the Live that she uses a meditation app to “get back into her body” when she is feeling stressed out (here are five that we at EatingWell adore).

“Get outside, men, and start walking. Drink water, research the healthiest meals to feed your body, and, if you’re like me and struggle with emotional eating, learn how to deal with it “The Instagram video ends with Wilson’s statement. These are wise remarks from a woman who calls herself “Fit Amy” now.