10 Ways to Improve & Speed Up Macbook’s Performance

Have you been struggling with your Macbook’s performance recently? It might be that time has finally caught up to it, and you will need to take some action.

Some users consider the option to purchase a new computer and be done with it. However, not everyone can afford to splash a sizable amount of money every time there is something wrong with their Macbook.

These suggestions will help you boost the performance of a Macbook and allow you to use it for longer.

Get Rid of Junk Files

Start with clearing the computer of junk files like temporary backups, app extensions, plugins, and caches. These files tend to amass without anyone noticing and can get out of hand rather quickly.

You can either remove the files manually or get a mac app cleaner that will take care of everything itself. The latter option seems like a better pick as you can leave everything to the software.

Free up Disk Space

Lack of free hard drive space will cause performance issues. Computers that do not have enough storage space available will start to feel sluggish after a while. Since hard drives of Macbooks do not provide that much storage to begin with, you will need to take some measures.

Delete old files from downloads and email attachments. Remove language packs and other useless data. Transfer some items to clouds and external storage devices. Eliminate the need to keep large media files by subscribing to streaming platforms.

Look for Power-Hungry Applications

Launch Activity Monitor and look at the list of applications that are consuming the most memory and other resources.

These power-hungry processes should be optimized so that the burden on the system’s resources is not as big. You can look for alternatives that consume fewer resources. For instance, there are multiple options for picking a web browser. Try different variations and see which one is the most optimal pick.

Check for Viruses

A sudden drop in performance might be the result of a virus or malware attack. If you want to maintain the computer in top condition, a reliable anti-malware tool should be one of the priorities.

Have it running in the background at all times so it can detect and remove any potential threats. And do not believe articles or comments from other people who claim that Macbooks do not need anti-virus as they are not prone to viruses, malware, ransomware, and other threats.

Update the System

Click the Update button whenever you see that there is a new macOS version out. Stability improvements, security patches, and the overall boost to the performance are what these updates bring to the users.

And it should not be just the OS. Separate updates for applications will also make things better despite seeming to be trivial. At the end of the day, every little bit helps, especially in the long run. you can find more ways to get your mac more useful in easy ways.

Declutter Desktop

A desktop that barely has any space left due to all the icons does not help. People who have a habit of cluttering their desktops with files for the sake of convenience sacrifice performance in return.

As each icon has to be rendered when users switch back and forth between the desktop and another window, the process puts a strain on the memory and other resources of the computer. Think about how many times you switch tabs every hour.

Transfer files to another location and have them organized. A cluttered desktop is not a pretty sight, nor is it good for the overall well-being and performance of the Macbook.

Trim Startup Items List

Go to Users and Groups via System Preferences and access your profile. There will be a Login Items tab. Clear it so that you no longer have to wait for applications to load every time you restart the computer.

Trimming the startup item list reduces the time you have to wait for everything to load whenever you boot the Macbook. And regular restarts should also be part of your maintenance routine as they prevent memory leaks.

Reinstall the OS

Reinstalling the OS takes some time, and you will need to follow guidelines closely if you have not done it before. Backing up data will also be necessary as it gets wiped after you are finished with the reinstallation.

The process gives the Macbook a fresh start and is one of the things you need to do if you feel like nothing else is working.

Clean Filth Inside

Do not forget about the dirt and dust that the computer collects inside it. Removing that filth should be a regular chore. In case you are afraid of taking the Macbook apart and damaging it, consider taking the computer to a service store where they do the work for you.